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Repeated Nikita, looking inquiringly at Andrey. - Who did we fuck. - a slight, barely perceptible mockery sounded in Andrey's voice, and at the same time he asked this with the intonation with. Which little children are asked, prompting them to look for answers to questions on their own. There was a short pause. lying under Andrei - looking into Andrei's eyes, Nikita suddenly felt confusion, and this confusion was immediately reflected in his perplexed look, directed at Andrei. lying under Andrei with legs spread apart, clasping hope solo leak palms Andreev's buttocks, Nikita looked at Andrei in confusion, looked with questioning bewilderment, while Andrei hope solo leak, still smiling, looked. At Nikita with an expression of patient expectation, as if Nikita, who had asked the question, had to answer this question himself - he had to remember.

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