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However, she did not work for long, only about five years, as a teacher in schools, while her father served and wandered around the garrisons. Then, when I was already ten, Leska appeared, two years later, and Dimka. And, in general, my mother spent most of her adult life in the form of a housewife, devoting most of herself. And her time to us, her children. Of course, age and childbirth did their job - sexy bhad bhabie figure swam a little, the belly slightly replenished, the mother could no longer boast of. Her former aspen waist, the gorgeous breasts became heavy and sagged a little, but it became much more magnificent, and the ass was no longer so elastic and taut. Mom's legs were and now sexy bhad bhabie much even nothing, long, slender, well, a little, plump, with graceful feet and slightly curvy thighs. But my mother retained her former kind of girlish lightness, and most importantly, over the years, her adorable figure seemed to have poured, as if, an exquisite fruit with some.

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